Handmade Tags

All our Handmade Tags have been made by using one or a combination of the following methods to produce the completed tag:

Hand stamped – using well known makes of rubber stamps and ink pads
Hand Cut – using a pair of scissors
Hand embossed – using light box or embossing powders and heat gun
Die cut and/or embossed – using well known makes of die cutting and embossing machines, stencil/templates
Hand punched – using hand held punches to produce each individual tag
Hand coloured – using various mediums such as marker pens, paints, inks, chalks. Watercolour pencils etc.
Hand embellished – using either purchased or handmade embellishments or hand stamped/finished using rubber stamps and ink pads
Hand strung – using various types of thread
Designed and printed using various computer software then hand cut

Many of our tags are made from card originally intended for another use such as from office type hanging files, document wallets or file dividers. The files, wallets and dividers are all new cardstock but have just been used to make the tags instead of being used as originally intended. Other cardstock will be new. Details of this will be mentioned in the item specifics. As we like to up-cycle and re-cycle and use materials in alternative ways.

We like to offer a service where you can order bespoke items. If you don’t see just what you are currently looking for on our site and have something specific in mind then then please email us via our contact page. We are always happy to work with customers to meet their specific needs.

We also welcome your own ideas and we would be happy to make a sample, in alternative colour schemes, images, wording and thread etc. We can photograph it and email the image(s) direct to you for your perusal. We can then make up your order at a mutually agreed quantity and price.

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