Handmade Notebooks

These Handmade Notebooks are ideal to have handy when you need to jot down small amounts of information such as names, address, telephone numbers, appointment times or anything else you may need to remember. Ideal in case you haven’t got a diary handy.

They are small enough to be put in jacket, coat, shirt or pants pocket, or keep one in a handbag, man bag or laptop computer bag.

They are all handmade using various types of cardstock. The Notebooks will have either plain or lined paper leaves and some will have the cover further embellished.

They are ideal to give as a token present to friends, family or colleagues or can be used as a Christmas stocking filler.

Due to these items being entirely handmade there may be very slight differences in the placement of embellishments to the one shown in the photograph (it isn’t practical to take a photograph of each individual notebook). They will still be made to our exacting standard and will still be totally unique.

They will all come to you packed in a cellophane bag for protection.

We only have limited quantities of these at the moment.

Don’t miss out, grab yourself a bargain while stocks last.

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