Handmade Valentine Cards

Roman Christian who according to tradition was martyred during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Claudius ll. Saint Valentine’s Day was primarily celebrated in his honor, but was also inspired by another martyr named Valentine who was bishop of Temi, a region in central Italy.

St. Valentine’s Day is the day on which the birds, returning in the very early spring, choose their mates. (Spring was often thought to begin in the middle of February in 14th – century Europe.)

Valantine: a person to whom one sends a valentine card or with whom one is romantically involved.

Valentine Card
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day began around 1380.

A card sent, often anonymously, on St Valentine’s Day, 14th February, to a person one loves or is attracted to.

We all like to show those we care about how much we love them and since around 1380 it has become tradition to send a valentine card on 14th February.

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